Happy New Year from The Culinary Diplomat!

Happy New Year and a thank you to all who have helped the CD to hit a major milestone today – its one year anniversary!

The CD would like to thank each of you readers for stopping by over the past year. Over 2800 of you have checked out the site, and many others have subscribed. Your readership and support keeps us going.

I’d also like to extend my thanks to this year’s guest bloggers. Your posts have added such richness and much needed perspective on the world of food, travel, wine, and most of all, sharing culture. Thank you!

In honor of the one year milestone, I’d like to introduce or reintroduce you to the the top 10 posts of 2015:

Mutabel – Baba Ghanouj’s Arab twin
Nonna’s Kitchen at Alphonse
Guest Post: Traveling on a budget – 4 ways to save
plated honey cake
Recipe:  New Year’s Resolution: Eat Latvian Honey Cake

Our very first recipe from a year ago today

Going vegetarian, vegan, or raw in the Baltic States
Guest Post: A tea scam in Shanghai
What is Baltic cuisine?
A primer for the food scene in the Baltic States – Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia

Oktoberfest: Demystifying the world’s most famous state fair
Recipe:  Rustic mushroom soup: Bring home the flavors of Estonia
Recipe: Belgian inspired Speculoos cookie ice cream

Those were the top 10 most viewed and liked posts of 2015. Again, thanks to everyone for reading and contributing. If you’d like to become a CD ambassador (guest blogger), please contact us!

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