The Culinary Diplomat’s Constitution

Every nation has some form of constitution: organizing principles and basic laws, a mission and vision that express a set of ideals or standards the leaders and its people must uphold – or at least claim to do so!

Here at The Culinary Diplomat, we have principles too:

Article 1: Organization of The Culinary Diplomat
The Culinary Diplomat will bring our big world right into your kitchen and bring you into that world with recipes, stories, and helpful information about foods from around the world – or ones you might have overlooked in your own backyard.  Each new post will highlight a single dish, ingredient, or dining experience and feature personal stories, recipes, restaurant profiles, educational tidbits, travel tips, and links to resources.

The Culinary Diplomat will not bore its readers!

Article 2: The Culinary Diplomat is for the people of the world, by the people of the world.
The Culinary Diplomat is not an individual person. Though started by an American native English speaker, it is intended to be shared and built up by people from around the world. It will survive only with other culinary envoys to share their own adventures and build a better world!  Learn how you can join The Culinary Diplomat as a Culinary Diplomat Ambassador here.

Article 3: The Culinary Diplomat is independent.
It is not affiliated with or representative of any government or institution. Use of the term “diplomat” is metaphorical. The Culinary Diplomat also has no affiliation with and receives no compensation for the products, retailers, manufacturers, or restaurants reviewed or recommended on this website unless expressly identified as such in each post. The views and endorsements expressed are the personal views of its contributors.

Article 4: Not all kitchens are created equal.
Do you have a fabulous chef’s kitchen with a separate convection oven, two islands, and the latest kitchen technology? Do you have every kitchen tool standard in a large restaurant? Wonderful! I don’t, but I envy you! The Culinary Diplomat will post recipes accessible to and adaptable for a wide audience and resources to help those less – or more – fortunate.  Look for the #developingkitchen tag for recipes adapted for kitchens with less space, tools, and resources.

Article 5: The CD is not a purist.
Diplomacy works toward an ideal, but reality is complicated.  Trying ‘authentic’ dishes made at home might bring you closest to another culture and its people; however, globalization and the spread of fusion have redefined what ‘authentic’ truly means.  Whether you prepare a dish according to a traditional recipe in your own home, try a new dish or flavor in a restaurant, in someone else’s home, in a takeout (take-away) container, or you ‘make it your own’ with substitutions and pre-made mixes, all are worthy food adventures.  Yes, doing it the way the locals do it is an ideal way to experience a food adventure, but some of us can get past initial culture shock with a fusion-based approach. That’s ok, too.

Article 6: A healthier diplomat is a happier diplomat.
Good nutrition, exercise, and a balanced lifestyle are central to The CD’s food philosophy. What we put in our bodies does matter, and we simply shouldn’t eat food that makes us feel bad. For each person, what our bodies can and should handle is different from the next person. When the nutritional benefits (and sensory pleasure) outweigh the negatives – physically and emotionally, then we can feel good about our food choices. Some people suffer from food allergies and sensitivities, but science doesn’t support well-publicized fear-mongering or diet fads that seems to shift from year to year. That said, The Culinary Diplomat believes a balanced diet rich in natural, minimally processed foods, to include plenty of fruits and vegetables, is a good rule of thumb for most people. The Culinary Diplomat believes in healthy, naturally occurring fats in moderation, and that a restrictive or monotonous diet without occasional indulgences is not sustainable. The Culinary Diplomat is an omnivore and will showcase a range of protein sources and ingredients that will appease both carnivores and vegetarians alike (Ok, maybe not always the same dish!). The Culinary Diplomat enjoys vegetarian and vegan food and will highlight veg-friendly restaurants around the world.

For recipes, recipe modifications, or showcased ingredients that are higher in net health benefits (e.g., support weight management, boost immunity), look for the #healthydiplomat category or indicator.  Check out the Healthy Diplomat page for more info.

Food isn’t the only factor in good health. The Culinary Diplomat is a bit obsessive with exercise. The Culinary Diplomat will share periodic tips to maintaining a healthy lifestyle on the road or in a new and unfamiliar city, country, or culture!

Article 7:  The Culinary Diplomat gives credit where credit is due.

Sometimes, someone creates a recipe that is so outstanding, it should be shared with minimal or no tweaks.  When sharing someone else’s recipe – or a recipe derived or inspired by another, The CD will note it.  Additionally, all content (unless otherwise identified) is the intellectual property of The Culinary Diplomat. Share early and share often, but please do not reproduce its contents without the express permission of The Culinary Diplomat.  When in doubt, just contact us!

One Comment Add yours

  1. Daniel Brantingham says:

    “Holy Cocoa Beans” – Les Pyreneens chocolate by Lindt has always been my “favorite – best in class” chocolate experience, ever! I have some work to do after reading this latest blog from CD. Awesome, well written and inspirational.


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