Calling all Ambassadors: The CD needs you!

I’m hijacking this regularly scheduled post to make this request of you readers:

Most of you have your own stories to share – the food adventures and discoveries, the memories of an experience and place – whether during travels or in your own backyard. Or perhaps you have a favorite recipe to share, one inspired by a trip or exotic ingredient. Perhaps a restaurant took you on a gastronomic journey, helping you experience a new place – or a place you’ve never seen with your own eyes.

The Culinary Diplomat’s mission is to connect people and cultures through the shared experience of food. To fulfill this mission, The CD depends not just on readers, but on you making your voices heard! We can all relate to each other’s stories.

Each of you leads a busy life. Many of you are established bloggers in your own right (thanks for following!). All of you have full-time jobs, academics, and/or parenting. The idea of writing a post for The Culinary Diplomat is something you’ve been wanting to do for awhile, but maybe you tell yourself, “when I’m less busy.”  Or maybe you worry about perfection. You might be self-conscious about your writing style. You need time to edit before you’re comfortable.

Instead, I ask this. Send us a story, an idea, and we will do the editing (with your own editorial veto power)! Want to submit but not sure which story to share? Share multiple stories! Worried about publishing it under your name? Give us a nom de plume and we’ll use it instead!

Join the CD community! To find out more, contact us through the form on the Become a CD Ambassador page here.

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