Healthy Diplomat: Vegetarian Quinoto-stuffed peppers

Tired of boring old quinoa? Need new ideas for healthy entrees – vegetarian or not, or just an impressive side dish for guests? Try this Peruvian inspired delicious bell pepper stuffed with a goat cheese quinoa risotto, also known as quinoto. It is rich, yet light – typically under 300 calories per serving and a…

Unorthodox Moroccan spiced Sweet Potato Chicken Chili

Slow-cooked chicken, bright sweet potatoes, and jalapeƱos get a kiss of Near East spices. Moroccan tagine meets American chili. Whether you are thawing out from a snow-in, rain-in, or simply are looking for a great winter (or Super Bowl) recipe, this unorthodox chili is a great alternative to a standard chili con carne or white…

The CD Road Trips down California’s Historic El Camino Real

How does The CD road trip? Join us for our first – food filled – drive down the historic El Camino Real (U.S. Highway 101) from San Francisco to Los Angeles.    I was born to road trip. At a young age, I stayed alert and curious of my surroundings on our many family road…

Warm butternut squash and spinach salad with Stilton and cranberries

Thanksgiving may have come and gone, but this warm salad is packed full of autumn flavors to brighten your table this holiday season. The sweetness of maple roasted butternut squash and tart cranberries is balanced with spinach and red onions, while the mild tang of Stilton cheese adds some richness and a hint of unami….

Stoneacre Pantry: The Bounty Of New England’s Surf and Turf

Island hop to charming Newport, Aquidneck, Rhode Island for a food scene that is unexpectedly diverse and refined for the town’s size and relatively remote island location. Along the foodie’s paradise that is Thames Street is Stoneacre Pantry, a small, locally owned and sourced restaurant that emphasizes the quality and sustainability of local farm produce….